Mission statement

Be_NaturaL was founded with the vision to offer and develop environmental-friendly products across all industry sectors with the highest possible quality and service. Although recently started our staff has a long time experience with 100 % compostable packaging and disposables made from renewable resources and we constantly search together with our customers for sustainable alternatives which are affordable.

If we expect our customers to make responsible purchasing decisions, part of our job must be to provide them with the necessary tools to understand how they can make responsible purchasing decisions. Be_NaturaL’s mission is to help unravel the myth that influences packaging choices by continuing to provide relevant and updated information.
Strongly believing in the need for this information, Be_naturaL’s Managing Director was co-founder and the actual President of the Belgian BioPackaging Association.


An often-overlooked portion of a food product is its packaging. But although these parts are often discarded and forgotten by the consumer, their environmental impacts can be substantial. Those impacts are Be_NaturaL’s challenge to convince industrial customers to make the change to environmentally friendly products so that they do not have to worry that their growing business is part of damaging the world.


Be_Natural developes together with industrial partners packaging to meet the specific needs of growers, food packers, retailers, food service establishments and consumers, and as such we are protecting the natural world that sustains us.

Through our daily contacts with customers active in food packaging (fresh and dried fruits, vegetables, fresh and treated meat, fresh and treated fisch, cheese, etc), cosmetics, personal care, and many others, we have build a large experience allowing us to suggest to most suitable and adapted sustainable solution to your problem without the risk that it will cost “the earth”.


To guarantee the quality of our products, Be_NaturaL only works with certified partner companies.

Certified in different fields, such as HACCP (GMP included), FDA, BRC/IoP, ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 22000 ( Food Safety Management) for production and management, and CEN 13432 or ASTM 6400 to guarantee the compostability of the products.

Also our freight forwarders and material handling companies are guaranteed certified with one or more of the above mentioned certificates.


Good customer service is the lifeblood of our business and customers already working with us know that our company policy is : “When our customer is happy, we are happy too” so we keep what we promise.

Our transparent way of working allows the customer to know the origin of the goods and the manufacturer the destination of them.

Whatever is the origin or content of your question, please feel free to ask. In the most honest way we will answer it.

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