Bio Packaging

Photo Delhaize Biopackaging

The World of packaging is recently changing in a considerable and fast way in favour of bio packaging.

More and more people get conscious of the limitations of fossil resources, but also of the impact of conventional plastics on the environment and the mountains of waste. Per annum 50 billion tons of plastic waste is created in Europe, and globally the figure is around 250 billion tons. Even worse is that those figures are still growing. This growing consciousness regarding environment, climate and green house gas effects stimulate the search for compostable packaging made from renewable resources.

We made it our task to promote and implement affordable compostable packaging.
In order to insure our leading market position we constantly pay efforts together with our customers and suppliers on developments and improvements of bio packaging.


Our Mission

The 4 basic ingredients?

Eco friendly packaging is mainly made from agricultural crops or agricultural waste.
Basically we can divide them in 4 main groups:

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